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2023 EY Global Career Services Summit Awards

“EY is proud to support the Global Career Services Summit”


The Bob Athwal and Tom Devlin Founders Award for Innovation

Osaka University (Japan), for Establishment of a career center with global standards in Japan

Akihiko Ieshima Deputy Director/Associate Professor

In December 2022, a symposium was held to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Osaka University Career Center involving the university president and vice presidents and approximately 600 people attended the symposium. I established a global standard career center at Osaka University, which is one of the TOP 3 ranked research universities in Japan. after learning from many universities participating in the Global Career Services Summit. Now the Osaka University career center generates a budget of approximately 80 million yen annually by holding job fair and more.

I would like to thank my GCSS colleagues. Universities I visited to establish and develop a career center in Osaka University include: University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Irvine; UCLA; University of Toronto; University of British Columbia; McGill University; University of Oxford; University of Cambridge; University College London; University of Edinburgh; and the University of Birmingham.

Best Student Program

Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) for Careers & Employability Service – Support of Rise Programme

Rachael Collins, Deputy Director of Careers & Employability

The Careers and Employability Service (CES) broadened its remit to support Manchester Met’s Rise programme that enables all students to incorporate tailored interdisciplinary content into their experience, and to gain credit and recognition for career-enhancing experiential learning.

Manchester Met’s Careers & Employability Service uses Rise as a vehicle to provide students with the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of experiences throughout the year helping them develop new skills and shape their future careers. Internships are a key feature of this, with 400+ students placed across two years.

Best Faculty Program

The University of Tampa (USA) for Career Readiness Course – UTAMPA 201

Mark Colvenbach, Executive Director, Office of Career Services & Tim Harding, Assistant Vice President for Career Development and Engagement

The University of Tampa has a long history of collaboration between career services and faculty. As a result of these collaborations, the faculty recognized that it was time for a change and began revising the general education curriculum in 2017. As part of the revision, faculty decided that a course on Career Readiness was important. To this end, Career Services and a Faculty Taskforce are developing a required course, UTAMPA 201, that will launch with Spartan Studies in Fall 2023.

The course will meet students where they are in their career readiness journey. Students will be challenged to actively engage through a variety of assignments that include peer-to-peer interaction, utilizing technology tools, and conducting informational interviews throughout the 10 module curriculum.

Best University Employer Partnership

University of Connecticut (USA) for Synchrony Digital Technology Center

James Lowe, Assistant Vice Provost, Executive Director

Synchrony is a consumer financial services company headquartered in Stamford, CT, and its dedication to building innovation capabilities in Connecticut and decades’ long record of promoting diversity in the workplace contributed to the creation of the Synchrony Digital Technology Center (or DTC) in 2019 at the University of Connecticut – Stamford. The Synchrony DTC is an on-campus, co-working space where Synchrony innovation professionals work side-by-side UConn Stamford students to create technology solutions and solve business issues.

The Career Center played a pivotal role in establishing the Synchrony DTC on campus and continues to drive its success. Elements include generating Synchrony DTC student awareness, overseeing the hiring process and facilitating forums between faculty and Synchrony DTC managers to identify additions to the classroom experience.

Best Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Program

University of Galway (Ireland) for The Transition to Employment Programme

Marie Laffey, Head of the Career Development Centre

The Transition to Employment programme supports students with disabilities in the University of Galway as they navigate the challenges of transitioning into the job market. It is a personalised career readiness programme that aims to promote self-efficacy with disclosure and seeking accommodations.

The programme comprises of a suite of career guidance workshops which are scaffolded by one-to one support for students. The programme covers topics such as self-awareness, equality legislation, disclosure planning, employability skills and action planning for the transition into the workplace. It connects students with employers by engaging in networking, through micro-internships and employer panel discussions. The programme uses Agile methodology and UDL to design content and delivery. It was initially a pilot in 2017 with 12 students, and has since grown to engage over 250 students.

The Kathy Sims Mentoring Award

Tom Devlin

The recipient is Tom Devlin, GCSS Founder and former Executive Director of the University of California, Berkeley Career Center

This award acknowledges a member of the Global Career Services community who shares their knowledge and expertise to advise, support, or guide another colleague’s professional development.