The Global Career Services Summit

An event for Heads and Directors of College and University Careers Services.

The purpose of the Summit is to facilitate learning, best practice sharing and collegial dialogue amongst career services providers, in addition to offering plenty of opportunities for social engagement. Through a number of structured workshops, presentations and small group interactions the Summit aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To create a forum to share observations and insights about the ever-changing world of career services.
  • To discuss the challenges and opportunities which are central to the successful delivery of career services for tomorrow’s students and employers.
  • To acquire an appreciation and understanding of the similarities as well as differences of career services throughout the world.
  • To provide a venue to build a global network of career services colleagues.

Upcoming Events

Leuven 2019

The European Career Services Summit in Leuven, Belgium is taking place in October 2019 for senior members of college and university career services based in Europe.

Singapore 2020

The next annual Global Career Services Summit is taking place in March 2020. We look forward to welcoming you to Singapore. 

Event Registration

If you have any queries regarding the 2020 Summit, please email us at

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