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In light of the serious nature of the coronavirus health crisis, we regret to inform you that we have no choice but to postpone the 2020 Summit.

The Summit will be postponed until late August/early September 2020 or late November/early December 2020. Later this month, when we have more clarity on the date options, we will send an email to all delegates asking for your preferences to help inform a decision about a new date.

The Necessity to Postpone

We have been monitoring the situation and have been in communication with our Singapore colleagues. Without a doubt this is an emerging health crisis which has significantly affected China and other countries in the region such as our host country Singapore. Over the weekend Singapore upgraded their coronavirus alert level to Orange. This guidance from the government required our host campus, the National University of Singapore, to impose strict health guidelines, including canceling all campus events with 50 or more attendees until further notice.

In addition, the joint one-day conference with the South East Asia Association of Graduate Employers (SEAAGE) is being postponed. Once we identify a new date for the Global Summit, the SEAAGE organizers will plan their event to coincide with ours so that you can attend both the Summit and SEAAGE as was originally planned.

Conference Fee

Since the Summit is less than two months away, we have already made significant non-refundable financial commitments: primary with the hotel, transportation companies, and the entertainment venues. As always, once the GCS Summit has committed to these costs, it is not possible for us to provide refunds. However, we have negotiated with the hotel to extend our contract with them through the end of December. Their flexibility is making it possible for us to postpone the Summit, rather than cancel it.

Arrangements and Letter of Explanation

Regarding travel plans, we know a good number of colleagues typically plan to visit alumni and employers in the region or take personal time. Fortunately, most air carriers will allow you to transfer flight plans within a year of your planned flight.

To support you with changing your arrangements, we have crafted a letter on Global Summit letterhead with an explanation of the Summit’s postponement. 

Continuing Communication

This is a very unfortunate situation for everyone, especially our colleagues in Singapore. While we were all looking forward to the Summit at the end of next month and many of us have put in hours and hours of work in planning the Summit, in the end, we believe that everyone's health is top priority. We do hope you will join us for the Summit later this year. We will be in touch very soon about potential dates and a letter of explanation.

Extra Nights

For those of you that have requested additional nights unless you tell us otherwise we will be cancelling them all at this stage. If your requirement is different please do let us know ASAP.

In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to email us at:

Best regards,

Bob Athwal and Tom Devlin
Co-Founders Global Career Services Summit  

If you have any queries regarding the 2020 Summit, please email us at

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