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Our Programme is designed to maximize your learning and networking.

We had some amazing speakers at this event, you can find out more about them on our Speakers page.

  • Tuesday March 29
  • Evolving Partnerships: Employer Panel Discussion Moderated by Lindsey Pollak

    1500-1645 UTC

    With so many uncertainties in the near future, how are employers preparing to alter their recruiting practices to meet the demands of hybrid recruiting, develop inclusive process, and create meaningful candidate experiences? As we peer into the future, what questions are we not asking? How might relationships between colleges and employers develop to benefit our students. Come learn from Global recruiting leaders at Abbott and Discover, as well as experts in the field of strengths based recruiting and generational and work place experts.


    • Nicky Garcea, Co-Founder, Chief Customer Officer and Head of Americas at Cappfinity
    • Simon Kho, Director of Emerging Talent Acquisition and Development Programs at Discover Financial Services.
    • Bryan Quick, Director, Talent Acquisition and Global Head of University Relations at Abbott

  • Wednesday March 30
  • Tech Talk: The Future of Technology

    1500-1630 UTC

    The core value of any technology tool is how it can add efficiency and impact at scale for those who use it. Over the last decade, career services technology has become more advanced in its support of students and recruiters; for many of us, gone are the days of scheduling interviews, forwarding resumes, and soon, even approving employers. As innovation continues to change the nature of our work, what is a vision for the future of the profession that helps us effectively leverage technology to maximize our impact? How can integrated networks help us build strategic relationships without sacrificing a personal experience for our students? And perhaps most importantly, what do we need to demand of partners who build technology to enable our work?


    • Michael Harbaugh, Global Director of Education Partnerships at Handshake

  • Thursday March 31
  • The Great Opportunity: Build Back Better

    Design workshop on the Future of Recruiting, Career Services, and Student Success.

    1500-1645 UTC

    The last day of the conference will be focused on how we can build the career services office and recruiting process that we want to work in. We have a tremendous opportunity to create the system that benefits our students, partners with our employers and utilizes our current technology. Let’s dream a bit! What could it be like if we all worked together. What is the office that you would be excited to come work in? Given our dream, what is the realistic next steps? What will our staff, administrators and employers say to our design? How can we build lasting partnerships?


    • Shelagh Green, Director for Career & Employabity at the University of Edinburgh
    • Mario Vela, Assistant Vice-Provost of Career Engaged Learning at the University of Texas, San Antonio