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Our Programme is designed to maximize your learning and networking.

  • Each day starts with activities designed to help you get to know your global colleagues.
  • Next up, you will hear from experts on the timely topics outlined below.
  • This is followed by deep dive discussions with your fellow participants.


  • Tuesday April 20
  • It Starts With Us: Taking Meaningful Action on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    1500-1630 GMT

    We can all agree on the value and importance of DEI within our offices and institutions, but converting these good intentions into meaningful actions can still prove challenging. In this session, we will focus on the important, internal work done with our career centre teams to promote ongoing conversations around mitigating implicit bias and the importance of continual education about diverse populations and how to better include them. We will also be sharing examples of impressive practices from around the globe.

  • Wednesday April 21
  • What does Experiential learning look like in a Post-Covid World?

    1500-1630 GMT

    The acquisition of place-based and experiential learning experiences have long been viewed by employers as the ideal opportunity for job applicants to both gain essential skills and provide evidence that candidates can apply these competencies outside of the classroom. The big question for this session is: who is best placed to facilitate the acquisition of these experiences within degree programmes? Is it dedicated University placement staff? Is it the role of student to source their own opportunity? Are commercial intermediaries and providers more adept and better placed to support this activity? What is the role of the University Careers Service in facilitating any of this? To what extent has the pandemic and growing number of commercial providers offering virtual work experiences and industry-related projects changed the facilitation of Work Integrated Learning?

  • Thursday April 22
  • “Who’s Zoomin Who”? The winners and losers in campus recruiting and relationships

    1500-1630 GMT

    Planes, Trains & Automobiles, every campus recruiters staple B.C. (before COVID) but what is the new reality A.C. (after COVID) for campus recruiters and their relationships with university career services? Tune in to our chat show to hear perspectives from employers across the globe on this post pandemic world and its implications for campus engagement and relationships.

  • Friday April 23
  • Career Services 2030: How Technology and the Pandemic will Fundamentally Alter Career Services

    1500-1630 GMT

    Between the pandemic, the recession, technology advances, and increasing expectations from students, academic leadership, and employers, Career Services is facing the largest disruption of the delivery of service in its history. Innovations in technology now equips practitioners with new skills and is a catalyst for meaningful connections between employers and global college student talent. Virtual operations further expand opportunities to engage across campus or across the globe. Increased expectations from graduates leads to deeper integration into the academic fabric of every institution. Companies and governments except competent professionals and align with work force needs. Yet, past evolution of career services has rarely altered institutional models, rather previous models of services have been added an integrated yielding more work and sometime less focus. With added external voices informing our work, it is time for us to voice our hopes for the future of our field.

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