The Global Career Services Summit 2022 will take place in Singapore.

The Venue

The National University of Singapore, Singapore’s flagship university will be hosting the summit on their campus.


Joan Tay

Director, Centre for Future-ready Graduates, National University of Singapore

Warmest greetings to you from Singapore, City of the Future, and welcome to the National University of Singapore.

We are honoured to be the first Asian country to be hosting the 5th run of the Global Career Services Summit, and we look forward to making this conference an enriching and outstanding one. My gratitude goes out to the organising committee and partners of the Summit for their support.

Against the backdrop of a VUCA world, the definition and outlook of the career pathway has been disrupted immeasurably, and therefore the provision of career services as an anchor point of wise counsel has never been more relevant.

It is therefore imperative that our capabilities stay at the forefront of emerging trends and industry forces, to ensure that the students and employers we serve continue to thrive and make their mark on the world. We are thus enthusiastic to be facilitating this platform for the exchange of ideas and collaboration concerning career-readiness, career pathways and industry insights.

Business aside, I also encourage you to take this opportunity to immerse yourselves in Singapore’s cosmopolitan landscape and tropical getaways. We hope you will gain more insights of our working culture and way of life as you venture about the thrills of the Lion City.

As we usher in the memorable start of a new decade, let us journey together to evolve in style and substance alongside our students and industry partners.


Summit accommodation will be at the Park Avenue Rochester Hotel, conveniently situated close to the National University of Singapore.

Map of the accommodation


31 Rochester Drive

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