The inaugural Global Career Services Summit emerged from a conversation at the 2015 NACE conference when we were considering crafting a proposal featuring a global career services workshop at a future NACE conference. How we made the leap from a workshop to a major conference still remains a mystery to us.

Although after a few months of planning the event, we wondered whether our concept was beyond our capabilities!

Fortunately, the first Summit at the University of Leicester was extremely successful and as result of the encouragement of the participants, we planned for the second Summit at the University of Limerick, Ireland under the leadership of Tim Luzader, Purdue University and Gavin Connell, University of Limerick.

The concept of bringing together career colleagues from all parts of the globe truly resonated with a broad range of career professionals and we have been extremely gratified with creating a venue to build a network of career services colleagues.

Now we are in the forth year of this unique global event with plans already in motion for the fifth annual Global Career Services Summit.

Tom Devlin

Thomas C. Devlin is the Executive Director of the Career Center at the University of California, Berkeley. Before joining Berkeley in 1997, he was the Executive Director of University Career Services at Cornell University.

Tom served as president of the national professional organization, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) for 2009-10. Tom also received the NACE Kauffman Award for his significant contributions to the career profession and co-writing the chapter, "The Future of Career Services" for NACE's book Leadership in Career Services: Voices from the Field. 

In addition to Tom’s consulting work and speaking engagements, he has traveled to Algeria, China, Rwanda, and the Philippines to assist in establishing the first career centers there. He was in China during the fall of 2015 to address the International Career Forum. In 2004, Tom was elected to the prestigious professional association Academy of Fellows (2004).

The Career Center has been awarded national honors by NACE for producing the best publication for students, for the most innovative program in the country, and for Career Ladders. In 2009 Tom received Berkeley’s Excellence in Management Award.

Tom’s avocation is traveling and he has visited more than 70 countries. He received a BA in History from the State University of New York at Geneseo and a MA in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio.

Bob Athwal

I Lead, Transform, Disrupt Employers and Universities to prepare students for the world of work and workplace.

In a nutshell  

Gig Economy worker enjoying a Portfolio Career. Working with leading brands and universities to create a robust 21st century early careers strategy. Translating that into what an exceptional Student Experience in Higher Education should feature. Recognised as a Global Industry Expert in Graduate Employability. 

Published author. Regular International Conference Speaker. Recipient of multiple industry awards both within Education as well as Private Sector.

The Global Career Services Summit 2020 


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